2000, A Year in Review

It’s been one of those years. I really hope I don’t have to go through another one like that again. Clichéd though it be, it was a year for rediscovery — mostly of myself. I lost my self-identity in Vancouver, allowing myself to be overwhelmed by another. It takes a while to rebuild that sort of thing. It’s not done yet, but having gone through that I know now what to avoid should I ever be so stupid as to get myself into that situation again…

And so with no further delay, the events of the last year:

  • Experienced New Year’s in Nanaimo
  • Got a bit disappointed when Y2K fizzled
  • Started a course on Technical Writing
  • Decided that I hate Technical Writing
  • Co-bought a new computer (left in Vancouver)
  • Went out to visit Stuart and Therese in Calgary
  • Came to the conclusion that I had to leave Allison
  • Realized that I also had to leave Vancouver
  • Had to walk 1/2 mile through deep snow when Therese’s car broke down
  • Had dim sum many times (and will still be having it for a while to come)
  • Handed in my resignation at Radical Entertainment
  • Had to tell my co-workers I was leaving, but not why
  • Made a “final” trip to Seattle with my ex
  • Saw the Chinese Porcelain exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum
  • Toured through Seattle
  • Visited the University of Washington
  • Visited Microsoft’s campus … scary place
  • Spent the most agonizing day of my life preparing to leave Vancouver
  • Spent the longest 10 minutes of my life saying good-bye
  • Packed up (most of) my belongings into a van (with help) and left Allison
  • Spent a night in a hotel in Merritt drinking Jack Daniels and 7-Up, in a complete state of shock
  • Arrived in Calgary, and moved into my Aunt & Uncle’s basement
  • Bought a new cell phone
  • Got hired at Critical Mass Productions
  • Got a new apartment downtown
  • Bought used furniture from a co-worker (which really needs to be replaced)
  • Researched RVs for my parents
  • Changed my registration to Alberta, casting off ties to BC
  • Found Mother’s Pizza — just as I remembered it
  • Had four Easter dinners (a bit much, I know…)
  • Ate at a Russian restaurant (for the first time in 11 years)
  • Built a website for a good friend (http://www.deskcam.net/)
  • Got my butt whipped by my 11-year old cousin many times on her N64 (video games)
  • Saw my friend Greg when he made a quick visit to Calgary
  • Nearly convinced Greg to buy a pair of cowboy boots
  • Met my Aunt Alaine’s sister and brother-in-law
  • Played softball on one of Critical Mass’ teams
  • …and played better than I did last year
  • …but the team still sucked goats
  • Made tentative plans to go to Japan (but didn’t)
  • Started living with close friend and partner in cahoots, Chris
  • Had to adjust to having a roommate
  • Got to know many of Therese’s friends
  • Got shipped down to Cincinnati to fix a problem at a client site
  • Paid US$40 for a taxi to see a US$8 movie
  • Spent the Memorial Day weekend in downtown Cincinnati (mostly in my hotel room)
  • Visited the Cincinnati Museum, and learned a lot about the area
  • Got to know the Minneapolis Airport a little too well
  • Travelled in First Class for the first time
  • Had to submit a US$2500 expense report (thank God for credit cards)
  • Went white water rafting on the Kicking Horse River
  • Wore a wetsuit for the first time
  • Got thrown out of the boat on a bad rapid
  • Hosted Cathy and Craig during their visit to Alberta
  • Saw the Stampede Parade
  • Went to the Calgary Stampede
  • Saw the Grandstand Show
  • Went to Banff several times
  • Went to Lake Louise
  • Travelled up the Icefields Parkway
  • Took the tour of the Columbia Icefield
  • Spent a night in a nice hotel in Banff
  • Went up Sulphur Mountain
  • Had lunch at the Banff Springs Hotel
  • Went to the Royal Tyrell Museum
  • …had to be the guide for Cathy and Craig, who don’t read signs
  • Had my first taste of Scotch Whiskey
  • Revelled in the glory that is Godzilla 2000
  • Ate at Pongo more times than I can remember
  • Got to know the staff at A&B Sound
  • Helped a friend with her resume
  • Struck up conversation with my old university friend, Kim
  • Accidentally found another old friend, Alison
  • Through Kim, reunited with yet ANOTHER university friend, Laura
  • Went on a corporate getaway to Westbank
  • Stayed up all night in a movie quote trivia game
  • Came in 2nd in a beer label design contest
  • Saw my friend Jay get married
  • Visited (all too briefly) with Brenda and Marek, friends from Arkipelago
  • Nearly missed fall in Calgary — it happens that fast
  • Had two Thanksgiving dinners
  • Started writing a novel and a whole slew of short stories
  • Took my cousin Jen out for an evening of movies and video games
  • Went on my first (and only) date since leaving Allison
  • Started an exercise regimen to shave off the pounds I’m gaining
  • Helped orchestrate The Great Critical Mass move
  • Chosen as Lead Developer for the new Critical Mass site
  • Got a very nice Christmas bonus
  • Went back to Ontario for Christmas
  • Saw my old friend (and roommate) Ed
  • Had lunch at Milestones (who’s made it to Ontario)
  • Spent a nice semi-quiet New Year’s

It’s been quite a year. I can’t wait to see what the next one brings…

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