Early Frost in Calgary

I love Calgary.

Last night, still technically summer according to our seasonal rotation, it snowed.

Yes, frozen precipitation. It was still there this morning. It wasn’t much, barely a centimetre in places, but enough to notice that it was there.

Enough to annoy Chris, though.

I’ve never seen snow this early in my life (though apparently it’s not unusual to see snow in June here), which is a stark contrast to my life in Vancouver, where it was rare to see snow at all. (The common phrase I heard was “leave the snow on the mountains, where it belongs”.) The snow will melt before I go out for lunch today, but that’s not the point. Snow in summer. That’s something to write home about.

The trees here have only recently started to turn their autumn shades. Mostly yellows here — I’m told there isn’t a lot of red (very few maple trees). With the snowfall, I suspect the colours shall turn at a slight more accelerated rate.

Now if the building management would just turn the frickin’ hot water on in our radiators…

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