Live from Cincinnati, Working for the Weekend


It never fails. I get a long weekend, I get lousy weather. I had hoped to go to the Cincinnati Museum today, but the weather kept me indoors. Okay, that sounds like a really stupid statement — if I’m going to a museum, why would I care what the weather’s like?

I want to walk there — I’m a little tired of taxis, and I could use the exercise. But it rained for most of the day. It didn’t clear up until later in the afternoon. A good thing, since I wanted to go out for dinner tonight.

I spent the day working, fixing our client’s website. I watched movies and coded. I’m amazed at how much work I got done watching “Meet Joe Black”. You really can work for huge periods of time and not miss much in that movie. On the opposite view, I didn’t get much done during “The Highlander”.

Importantly, though, I had breakthroughs. I only wish I were actually in the office to put my theories to the test. But I have to wait until Tuesday. Our client doesn’t like having strangers run amok in the offices unescorted.

My first meal in Cincinnati that wasn’t a sub was at the Rock Bottom Brewery, a brew pub in Fountain Square, pretty much right across the street from the Westin. I don’t much like going to places like that on my own, but I didn’t have a lot of choice. Besides, Nancy (my project manager) more or less ordered me to get out for dinner at least one night this weekend.

Tomorrow — more rain. Hence, more work. But Monday’s supposed to be nice. If I get enough done, I’ll make an effort to get out and see what I can find. Besides, I’ll need the air by that point…