Live from Cincinnati, Making Headway!

Today was a good day. Finally. There’s nothing quite like the feeling of finally overcoming a problem that’s kept you up a night, sent you to perhaps the dullest city in mid-eastern America, had you eating mediocre food for a week, and put massive (albeit temporary) dents in your credit cards. It’s also good to […]

Trapped in Cincinnati!

I’m trapped. Metaphorically speaking, that is. Today, I effectively did nothing. I spent the day trying to solve problems, but not really accomplishing anything. I started off with a conference call with Critical Mass and a few representatives of our client. We were reviewing the situation I’ve been dealing with since I arrived. The meeting […]

Live from Cincinnati, Working at the Client, Seeing a Movie

My alarm went off early this morning. I rose somewhat slowly (I hadn’t quite adjusted to the time zone), but eventually found my way into the shower. That woke me up enough to get dressed, shave, and prepare my notes for this morning. First stop was breakfast. Continental was served in the spacious (and opulent) […]