Visit to Ontario, General Inactivity

Allison was not feeling well the following morning. Jet lag, the flu, a bad bit of food, we didn’t know — only Allison was not feeling well. Wednesday thus became a slow day — Allison slept off her illness, I read everything I could find. And there wasn’t much.

That evening, we had a family dinner (including Cathy and Craig) — roast beef. This is my dad’s favourite meal. He looks for excuses to make it. It was a good meal, and we had a good time.

After dinner, I poked my head into the attic in search of a leak that had formed above the pot light over the kitchen sink. Craig was in there moments after me, and was the one willing to dive into the fibreglass insulation to find the problem. It seemed that my dad’s brand-new roof was leaking. He was not pleased.