Visit to Ontario, Visiting with Friends

If Sunday was quiet, Monday was dead. Being Thanksgiving Monday, it also meant that every store in Ontario was closed. (Stupid Holiday Shopping Act.) As it stood, Allison had work to do. Unlike myself, who was trying his best to distance himself from work, Allison had brought work with her. In an attempt to extend her client base, we were going to visit two companies in search of more work.

One of them wanted a proposal that Allison would present during their meeting. Allison also wanted (well, not really, but she had no choice) to work on a series of factsheets for another company. I set her up on my mother’s computer downstairs, and let her run free.

I spent part of the day calling friends, seeing who was available and who wasn’t. Some people I couldn’t get a hold of — bad phone numbers, no answer, no answering machine (it’s nearly the third millennium, people — get with it!).

We met up with Kathryn that evening. It was so good to see her again — her insanely busy schedule often keeps her correspondence to a minimum … as did the long distance phone call she had to make to get her email. (I honestly can’t remember the last time I sent a snail-mail letter.)

The three of us drove around Oakville in search of a place to have a light bite and a long conversation. After a bit of frustration, we ended up in Jack Astor’s, ordering bruchetta. The long conversation ensued.

It was good to talk with Kathryn again. She’s one of my closest friends, even though I’m lucky if I get to see her once a year. It was pure luck that were in the same vicinity at the same time, so I was more than happy to take advantage of it.

About two or so hours later, we called it an evening, and headed home. We wanted to get to bed a little earlier than usual — we had a train to catch the following morning.