Visit to Ontario, Oakville and Caledon East

The fire was still going the next morning. I don’t know if they rekindled it, or if the fire had just simply burned all night.

Breakfast was eggs, bacon, leftover ham, and potatoes (not the deep-fried ones, thank Heaven). It was just as tasty as ever. Following our repast, Allison and I hit the road to go home.

We retraced most of our route, including a stop at Weber’s for a quick hamburger. As we entered Barrie, we spied a familiar-looking RV travelling south. Pulling in behind, we followed my parents until my dad signalled to get off the highway at Highway 89.

Here, we were given directions on how to get to my Aunt’s. We planned to (briefly) stop by Aunt Ruth’s place in Caledon East. I hadn’t been there since April 1996, and was very curious to see how the landscaping renovations had gone. I was also wanted to see my relatives.

My parents weren’t coming — they had to return to Oakville. Instead, Allison and I took off across remote Ontario in search of the Lockton Spinney (the name of Aunt Ruth’s home). They weren’t there. The home was deserted, only a small fluffy cat (Iggy, so I’m told) was there to greet us.

I was surprised that I could find my way out of the area with little difficulty. My dad had attempted to give me fairly complicated instructions that involved a lot of turns. I opted for three: turning onto Gore Road, turning onto Old Church Road, and turning onto Airport Road. That got us to the 407, and eventually home.

The rest of Sunday was fairly relaxful. We ate dinner with my parents, and later went out to take in a movie (Mystery, Alaska). After the movie, I took Allison on a short tour of Oakville neighbourhoods. Although I often compare Oakville to Nanaimo, I know there are a lot of significant differences. Most notably, the “scummy” part.

In Nanaimo, the not-so-nice parts of town are not-so-nice. In Oakville, it’s Kerr Street. For those of you who don’t know Oakville, let me provide a simple example as to what Kerr Street is like. Let’s say your normal scummy part of town is like a beat-up 1974 Ford Pinto. Let’s say your typical part of Oakville is like a Rolls-Royce. Kerr Street is like a somewhat muddy Chrysler Neon.