1998, A Year In Review

I’m two days late in writing this (okay, only one day, but holistically speaking, it’s two), so I apologise if anyone had been expecting me to say something. (Like anyone actually reads these things ... I’m kidding, of course, some you do care about what I’m doing, although I really don’t know why...

Anyhoo, you’re probably wondering what I’m going on about. Well, late on 5 January 1998, I arrived to start my life here in Greater Vancouver. It’s been one heck of a year. Here are some of the things I did ... in no particular order:


Wrote too few Observer’s Logs. Hopefully I’ll make the practice better in ’99.

It ought to be interesting to see what 1999 brings me. With luck, I’ll have as interesting a year as I did last year. Be rest assured, you’ll hear all about it...

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