Visit to Ontario, Cottage in Huntsville, Thanksgiving Dinner, Algonquin Park

We awoke to the smell of bacon. It must be an instinctual thing — no human can sleep through the smell of bacon. Your body takes in the smell and promptly yells: “Get up ya lazy oaf! There’s bacon to be had! GET UP!” Breakfast was huge. Omelettes, bacon, and potatoes. There was also champagne […]

Visit to Ontario, Getting a new Apartment in Vancouver, Traveling to Huntsville

We awoke to three deafening pounds on the bedroom door. Cathy had arrived at the Sowrey homestead, and wasn’t going to wait for her poor brother (and future sister-in-law) to adjust to the time change. She wanted to start up to the cottage, and she wasn’t keen on waiting. The cottage? Cathy’s significant other (more […]