Moving into my First Apartment in Vancouver (Burnaby)

Today is the big day — I finally get my apartment, and I can make a trip to IKEA so I can put something in my apartment other than myself!

At any rate…

The weather out here has been really good lately. It’s been warming up (apparently spring starts in a couple of weeks!), I actually had my sandals on yesterday! (There’s something I wouldn’t be able to do in Ontario for at least a couple of months!)

Ran across the border yesterday (we’re less than a half hour away, or so it seems). It seems very weird to go across the border without having to cross a bridge.

Lots of good restaurants out here. Not having an apartment makes eating a little difficult, so we’ve been trying all sorts of interesting places. There’s a place in Kitsilano (down on the south side of English Bay) called “Naam”, which is an all vegetarian restaurant. I have to admit, whole almonds in a meal aren’t that bad…

Then there’s “All India Foods and Sweets”, a small (but very busy) Indian restaurant. They’ve got a vegetarian buffet that’s a killer! Really spicy food all for $6! Can’t go wrong there!

Sushi is cheap here. I haven’t had the chance to get any yet, but you can buy large trays (18 pcs) for $3-$6. And I don’t need to tell you how fresh it is. You can’t go through some parts of the city without seeing a sushi bar every minute or so.

Then there’s some of the chain restaurants: Milestone’s (a kind of upscale bar/eatery that serves huge portions for next to nothing, and the food is always great), Earl’s (those of you in the west have heard of them, but for those of you in the east, I feel sorry that you can’t try them out!), and OSF (the Old Spaghetti Factory — yeah, I know there’s one in Toronto, but I still like the place).

Anyway, enough on food… now I’m all hungry and I haven’t had breakfast yet!

Well, I think I’m going to have to cut this short, because I have to start moving. (Not that it will take me a long time, but it’s still gotta be done.)

More updates as events occur!