Road Trip of the Southwest United States, Back Home

Dhar was up long before the rest of us. He took the time to wander around the neighbourhood, spooking my neighbours. Then he took the time to tell my father what mechanical difficulties we had. At around 09:00, Stefan, Rebecca, and I crawled out of the van and started to the mission of cleaning up the mess 10,000 kilometres had left.

Our first problem was with our pressure sprayer — it was broken. This meant about an hour of strenuous scrubbing to try and get as many of the bug splats off as possible. We also plugged in the vacuum and went over every last scrap of carpet and fabric inside. The sink and burners were cleaned, any possessions removed, and Dhar’s car packed. By noon the mission was complete.

Showers were not the order of the day, those came only after the van was washed. Even then Dhar opted to wait until he was home himself. Thus Dhar, Rebecca, and Stefan filed into Dhar’s Probe and vanished down the street. I immediately jumped in the shower. I was home.

Observer’s Log: Traveldate 960503.23
Day 13
It has finally ended. The Behemoth was washed this morning, Rebecca and Stef had showers (alone – a rarity in the last while), and then Dhar took them on their last leg home. I proceeded to get my pictures developed, and recant the trip to my family and friends.
Tomorrow I must return to reality, something I’m not looking too forward to. But life must go on. Another road trip to P.E.I. may come up this summer, but that’ll be another story…