Road Trip of the Southwest United States, Lousiana, Oak Alley Plantation, Mississippi

Despite Dhar’s snoring, I had a fairly decent sleep that night. As was our habit, the first order of business was a shower. Dhar was one step ahead of me, something I gathered by the sound of running water from the bathroom and the empty cot in the middle of the floor. The couch wasn’t […]

Road Trip of the Southwest United States, Touring New Orleans

The morning was sunny and humid, much like the day before. We awoke between 08:00 and 08:30 following a long and comfortable night’s sleep. Showers were the order of the morning, to prepare oneself for the long day ahead. We had planned to execute the steps of Rebecca’s master plan to conquer the world … […]

Road Trip of the Southwest United States, Texas, Louisiana, New Orleans, and Bourbon Street

As a kid, I could never sleep in a moving car. I could never understand why, but the motion made me feel uneasy and I would sit there until we stopped (usually at home) before passing out. This inability to sleep in cars stayed true until I went on our tour of America. I quickly […]

Road Trip of the Southwest United States, Roswell, New Mexico, and Texas

The morning was cool, but not uncomfortable. Dhar had slept in the navigator’s chair again, but for once wasn’t awake before me. Not having relieved myself the night before, my bladder was now rather tight feeling, the call of nature was screaming in my eardrums. As quietly as possible, I climbed out of the van […]

Road Trip of the Southwest United States, Hoover Dam and New Mexico

I awoke to a vaguely disturbing dream about sirens, manifested by emergency vehicles running up and down Las Vegas Boulevard, just in front of our 16th floor window. No sooner than my head cleared enough for me to realize I was awake that I heard a familiar whirring and buzzing, followed by a sharp shutter […]

Road Trip of the Southwest United States, Touring Las Vegas and Cirque du Soleil Mystère

One thing about using an air conditioner — always use the air exchange feature. The air inside the van was beyond musty that morning. It smelled horrible. I woke blinking towards the navigator’s side of the van, expecting to see Dhar sleeping. He wasn’t there. I looked back to the rear bunk. Both Stefan and […]

Road Trip of the Southwest United States, Mesa Verde Cave Dwellings, Grand Canyon, and Arrival in Las Vegas

Morning began almost the same as Colorado Springs: cool and bright. But our distance south had provided us with a few degrees more warmth, making the morning not quite as shocking as the day before. Something else was different — no humidity on the walls. Once again Dhar was the first to rise, followed by […]

Road Trip of the Southwest United States, Touring Colorado Springs and Traveling the Rockies

Dawn arrives early at high altitudes, but we didn’t notice until around 09:00 that morning. Dawn also arrives very cold. When we went to bed, the temperature was something in the neighbourhood of 10 degrees Celsius. Not terribly warm, but when you’ve been having cold temperatures for six months, 10 degrees is not too bad. […]

Road Trip of the Southwest United States, Thunderstorms, Kansas, and Colorado Springs

The rain came down so heavily I have yet to see an adjective to properly describe it — “sheets” is not hard enough, and “Niagara Falls” is far too much. Somewhere in between will have to suffice until a proper word can be agreed upon. Needless to say though, Rebecca was none too thrilled with […]

Road Trip of the Southwest United States, Crossing the Border, Detroit, and Thunderstorms

I awoke at a little after 08:00 that morning. I wasn’t the slightest but groggy, my usual waking state — I was excited. The day had finally come. I wandered out of my room. Dhar’s (rather, my sister’s) door was open, and he wasn’t anywhere to be seen. The bed didn’t even look slept in […]