Read this book

Are you getting into digital photography? Wish that your pictures looked better? I know I do. Every time I see one of those pro shots — especially if they were taken in a place I’ve taken a picture — I wonder how they got it? What techniques did they use? What about the technical specs (e.g. f-stop, aperature)? This is what frustrates me.

Normally, I’m not big on books. They rarely give me the information I really need. I’ve got lots of photography books — presents from various people, and a couple I’ve bought myself. But they’re more artsy than anything else. Which means “mostly useless” for what I truly need.

What I truly need is time with a pro. Someone who I can go shooting with who can give me all the little tips and secrets that make a mediocre shot look a million times better.

Problem: I don’t know any pros.

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Minus Forty Eight

That’s the temperature right now.

With the wind chill.

My knees are numb.

My thighs are pink blocks of frozen flesh.

I think my eyeballs fogged over when I walked in the office.

Going home is going to be about as much fun — the non-wind chill temperature is only going up two degrees from -30 to -28. I suspect the wind won’t help any.

My father, I am not

Sorry, Dad, but there are some things that I will not be able to live up to. Some things that I realise I cannot do. Some things that I cannot be.

Today, I had my ego carved out of me with a dull spoon and splayed out on my poorly-installed laminate floor. Mike Holmes couldn’t have done a better job.


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Slowly, I’m beginning to understand what Alex goes through in a given day. Yes, I am a father and I do try to take an active part of my child’s life. But reality is, I’m at work most of the wee one’s waking day. Two to three hours is the best I can hope for on average.

Tonight was not average. I’ve been up since sometime late in the hour of 3; Alex an hour earlier than that.   Sleep has not been our friend tonight.

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The word is “ba”

Vocalisation comes at a young age. Mostly it’s inarticulate vowel sounds. Every so often, you’ll get a glottal sound mixed in there, but the cooing is rarely little more than “ayooooeeiioaaaaaaauuuueeee” in varying pitches.

Yesterday, and throughout today, we got a true consonant into the vocabulary: “B”.

So far, the only word is “ba”, but it’s a start. Mimicry isn’t quite there yet. But “ba” it is. And we hear “ba” a lot. Again, it’s a start. Now comes the slippery slope. Next is “da” (so we’re told). Then multiple syllables. Then “no”. Then “Dad, can I have $5”. Then “can I take out the car”. Then “I’m pregnant”.