Google in 20 years

A little morning humour for you all. This had me chuckling heartily for a couple of minutes.

Google in 20 years. (Warning: Some objectionable language, but when you’ve lost your keys, I’m sure you’ve said the same things.)

A wake for Rich

Tonight was the wake for Rich. It was a chance for those who knew him to get together and remember the life he led, to share in his memory, and spend one last time collectively in his presence.

How do you say goodbye to a friend? To someone who has become a part of your life?

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Fare thee well, Rich

A few months ago, friend and colleague Rich contracted large cell lymphoma, a rather nasty form of cancer (see [[Go Rich, Go!]]). There was a massive upwelling of support from the company and its staff (especially those of us who knew Rich well) — we wanted to see him better, to return to Critical Mass.

Yesterday, after a hard battle, Rich passed away.

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