Rankin Family Reunion in Calgary

Last night, we attended what I can only describe as a typical Maritime house/kitchen party. Except without the screech or incomprehensible accents.

Back in the early 1990s, Canada had a brief flirtation with popular Maritime music. While the Maritimes loved the music to begin with, the rest of us uncultured folk had to wait for the CanCon rules to bring it into the public eye.

Along with Leahy (who hit the big scene a couple of years earlier) and Great Big Sea (who rolled in with the tide a couple of years later), The Rankin Family made up a significant portion of the Maritime component of the Canadian airwaves.

I’d heard one or two of their tunes before. Nice, but I didn’t go out of my way to buy an album.

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I need a new watch

I’m a closet watch geek. Sort of like a closet Trekkie, but without the tendency for pointy ears. I’ve been one for years. I’ve had countless watches, including radio watches, pocket watches (I’ve got seven), dress watches (mostly cheap crap, admittedly), a couple of designer watches, Russian watch (sadly broken), and numerous cheapies (which have been both good and bad to me).

Currently, I have two watches (not counting the pocket watches) that I could wear. One is a six-odd year old Kenneth Cole. I bought it mostly because I needed a good watch (for a change) and I liked the colour. Well, the colour started rubbing off and when the battery gave out, moisture got into the interior and pfbbbbbt!, the whole thing went out of commission. I’ll get it fixed eventually, I suppose. Especially since it cost me over $100.

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Kitty in a cone

There’s just nothing so pathetic as a cat that has to wear a cone.

Asia’s whiskers are capped, her ears are muffled, and there’s this strange thing that she can’t seem to back out of no matter how hard she tries. I feel so sorry for her.

But she needs it.

Because we’ve been a little too lax in trimming her claws, Asia got a little overzealous in scratching her ear. One little snick and (what the vet thinks was) a little kitty litter … instant infection.

So off to the vet (I highly recommend the Alpine Pet Hospital here in Calgary). It wasn’t serious, thankfully, and fairly minor. A cleaning, a swabbing, a deep inspection (which was already not a good thing for her) and Asia was ready.

For her collar.

We have to apply a salve to keep the infection down (mostly it’s going to keep her from wanting to scratch) and keep a cone on her for five days. She looks like a furry megaphone.

A very pissed off furry megaphone.

Poor kitty…

The Return of Rivetgirl

I first met Tamara, really, at the Kelowna getaway back in 2000 (see [[Download Overload, the Critical Mass Kelowna Getaway in Westbank]]). As I recall, she did Tiffany at the karaoke night (which created a mosh pit).

At the time, Tamara was in Critical Mass’ Production team, a group who prepared images for use on our websites. Even then, she knew the job was not long for this world. She learned Flash. Which was convenient, since we dropped the Production team sometime in 2002 (I think).

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I want an iPhone

I think I’m in love with Apple.

For years, I’ve wanted a good cell phone. And that’s hard to come across in North America unless you go to Blackberry (in my world). I fell in love with keitais when I was in Japan in 2004 (see [[Turning Japanese Again, Shinkansen to Tokyo]]), and have been envious of that ever since.

Enter the iPhone (and at Engadget).

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